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Simulmedia’s John Piccone on Giving Power Back to Television Advertising

John Piccone1 John Piccone is Chief Revenue Officer at Simulmedia. John has been at the forefront in introducing new digital advertising technologies to media owners, agencies and advertisers through media representation, search engine marketing, ad serving, analytics and video management services in Europe and the United States since 1995. The Makegood recently spoke with john about Simulmedia’s newest TV campaign.

The Makegood: Simulmedia just launched a TV ad campaign that is notably “smarter” than most television advertising today. Where did the idea to target television audiences based on their purchases come from?

Simulmedia believes in the power of Television and that it will only get better through new forms of targeting. Purchase based targeting is the next step in demonstrating the power of TV which ultimately will drive better results for  media sellers and buyers alike. In combination with demographic data and set top box viewing data, the TRA data gives us a more complete picture of consumers so that marketers can reach them more efficiently.

The Makegood: How will you be implementing this campaign? How will it look, logistically?

Any advertiser who for example, sells its goods in supermarkets or understands purchasing preferences through shopper card loyalty data, will be able to build a target audience segment on this data and request a proposal from Simulmedia. Simulmedia will then guarantee impression delivery against the advertiser’s defined segment on its audience network covering 116 million homes.

The Makegood: Do you expect to run into any privacy issues now that you are using personal shopping information to find customers on the other side of the screen? And if not, what other challenges do you believe will arise from this new method?

Considering all the data used that will be used for targeting purposes is anonymous, we do not expect any privacy issues will arise.

The Makegood: What problems with the way things are done now do you hope to solve with this product and how?

Television advertising is mainly transacted through standard demographic information. And we know that demographics don’t buy products, people buy products. Delivering guaranteed reach against purchasing history will increase the value of TV advertising immediately.

The Makegood: This is an industry first. Do you expect other companies to catch on? How do you see this idea developing in the industry?

Advertising agencies have been planning television media against many different types of targeting criteria including purchasing history. What is unique about our offering is the ability to actually activate media, or guarantee media delivery, against their planning targets. Our partnership with TRA gives us a big advantage versus other sellers of TV media and we look forward to demonstrating how our audience network will scale accordingly.

The Makegood: Thank you, John