Peter Spande Talks About His Move to Business Insider

Peter Spande is the Chief Revenue Officer at Business  Insider. Peter has held management roles in media and ad sales at companies including Federated Media and CNET. We recently spoke with Peter about his new role.

The Makegood: Peter, you have been working in ad sales at companies including CNET and Federated Media for 15+ years. How did you get into the space?

PS: I needed a job!  I received a Master’s degree in Music Theory and Composition with every intention of teaching in a University.  When I decided to abandon that path I needed to pay the rent in New York City.  I started working at a magazine called Unix Review as a sales assistant.  They called me in for an interview because I knew how to use Unix. I enjoyed the work and, 15 years or so later, I still do.

The Makegood: Recently, you took on the role of Chief Revenue Officer at Business Insider. Why did you decide to join the company in this newly created role?

PS: There were many reasons.  First, I worked with Business Insider while at Federated Media and I really liked and respected the team.  That is such an important component to any job.  Also, the site was also my go-to site for business news so I understood the product and the vision pretty well.  What I didn’t realize was the story behind the brand, specifically the amazing growth and audience composition. This combination is a sales person’s dream:15+ million global unique visitors, tremendous reach to senior business leaders, and a really powerful technology platform supporting the entire venture.  Finally, I love the start-up ethos.  The combination of elements made this an easy choice!

The Makegood: What are your plans and expectations for the first 12 months?

PS:  Good writers, actors, and, I believe, publishers show rather than tell.  My plan is to show off the influence and effectiveness of our marketing solutions to anyone who cares about marketing to influential business leaders and affluent consumers.  That means focusing on three things: Making sure advertisers are aware and understand Business Insider’s unique value proposition, expanding our advertising solutions for our marketing partners, and making our marketing partners and investors really, really happy.  When I meet with perspective clients I often feel like Business Insider is the best kept secret in the media world.  If I can look back in a year and see real progress against these three things I will be very pleased. This will no longer be a secret.

The Makegood: Thanks, Peter.