Mojiva’s Tony Nethercutt Expects Bigger and Better Mobile Ads

Tony Nethercutt is the General Manager, NA of Mojiva, one of the largest mobile advertising companies. Tony has over 20 years of experience in sales and operations at major media companies including Yahoo!, DoubleClick and AdMob. We recently spoke with Tony about his previous experience and current role.

The Makegood: Tony, you began your career in advertising working in TV, at companies including New World/Fox Television and KGO-TV/ABC. What knowledge, that you gained from your TV advertising background, would you say has been most beneficial to your career in digital and mobile advertising?

TN: The biggest thing I learned was how to communicate in terms of audiences reached. It is just a crime that the digital industry has never adopted (though I have pushed) some equivalent to the GRP concept. When someone asks a digital seller, “how much should I invest to achieve my goals?” the answer should be, “how much of the mobile audience would you like to reach and how often?” I ask that question, but am often labeled a heretic by buyers and other sellers. We know the answer to the question, by the way. The ability to read an RFP and figure out what was needed, both stated and implied, is a big plus that came from TV. I learned how to package inventory in compelling ways. We don’t need to do it as often in digital media, but this should be near and dear to this outlet – for sure I learned how to sell makegoods in TV.

The Makegood: As a major mobile ad network, Mojiva is in a unique position to be able to see which new tactics and strategies are working. What trends do you see emerging in the near term? 

TN: In the near term, we see the mobile advertising industry continuing to evolve, scale and accommodate the rapid growth of smartphone adoption. One trend will be centered around providing better analytics and optimization solutions for both publishers and advertisers, as well as more standards surrounding ad serving counts and ad sizes. This will help to ensure that mobile ads are being measured appropriately so publishers, agencies, and advertisers will understand the true value and reach of mobile advertising.

We also expect to see more creativity and bigger and better rich media initiatives for mobile advertising and it will be a major part of every ad buy moving forward. As brands learn more about what mobile can offer, the user experience will vastly improve.

Lastly, in 2011, the industry learned a critical lesson in how tablet users have a radically different experience and consume content and media in a very different way, as compared to other mobile devices. As such, it will be important in the coming months for advertisers and developers to analyze which mobile devices they are developing for in order to create engaging, results driven campaigns.

The Makegood: Mojiva recently announced that it reaches about 224MM unique devices in the US. What can marketers expect to see coming from Mojiva next? 

TN: Marketers can expect to see deeper tools and technology for analytics, customer engagement, and measurement. Furthermore, as standards evolve, marketers will see a wider range of advertising solutions for mobile, some of which will have an element of rich media. Through Mojiva’s Mobile Creative Alliance program, led by our own Jack Hallahan, we are integrating all the major creative enablers on our platform, as well as co-selling campaign ideas to agencies, in order to make big idea creative for mobile as ubiquitous as possible. Our 224MM unique device reach in the United States alone (we reach 1 billion unique devices globally) allows us to do state of the engagement in mobile that has enough reach to effect marketer success metrics in a scaled way, we are cross all platforms and are not limited. You asked about US, but combining creative advancements in mobile with our unprecedented reach globally, marketers can better engage with their target consumers no matter where they are. We will also be expanding our footprint into China to leverage the enormous and relatively untapped mobile advertising market.

The Makegod: Can you tell us about some recent successful campaigns?

TN: I would point to the American Family Insurance campaign led by Mindshare Chicago. Both the agency and the advertiser get mobile advertising. We collaborated with them to use several tools in our arsenal to engage their target consumers. They included Rich Media, sponsorship, and standard ad units. It was a fun campaign all around.

The Makegood: Thanks, Tony.