Apple Let Your iAd People Speak

We launched The Makegood this week with the goal of giving media professionals their own forum to discuss the issues of the day. And the industry has responded. Our site traffic and industry engagement thus far has been great.

One person we really wanted to get involved here is Carrie Frolich from Apple. Carrie leads agency relations for iAd and recently left MEC after a distinguished career. She’s won a slew of professional awards and gained a reputation for being one of the sharpest minds in our industry. She’s outspoken and funny as hell.

Unfortunately, you won’t be hearing from Carrie here or virtually anywhere else. Like everyone who works at Apple, iAd employees can’t speak publicly unless it’s at an Apple sanctioned event. This is unfortunate.

While the policy may make sense for Apple’s employees who build hardware and software, iAd is ultimately a media product. It only exists if marketers buy it. And as we all know, marketing and media is a very social business. People in media advertising buy the person selling the thing, not just the thing itself. Without being able to leverage conferences and forums like this it makes it harder for iAd sales people to do their job.

The other problem with muzzling your employees is that its a morale killer. People in media like to talk, it’s in our DNA. It’s a loss for the entire media industry that outspoken industry veterans like Carrie Frolich and Scott Witt are now on a shelf.

Apple needs to change this policy to give iAd the best chance for success.

  • nicholas johnson (@mediaguy)

    Matt – have enjoyed your first couple of days. Looking forward to seeing some coverage outside of the Soriano media empire. I kid, of course. Keep up the great work

    • Matt Straz

      Thanks, Nick! Appreciate that. More posts next week, some may even have nothing to do with the Sorianos! lol

  • Colleen Soriano

    Seriously – those two are a coupla hacks.

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